While searching for a backpack, consider where you want to take it and how you intend to use it. Every kid knows that, right? So ask that little boy in you, is this the backapck you really want? No, it's the one you need...

While searching for a backpack, consider where you want to take it and how you intend to use it. Every kid knows that, right? So ask that little boy in you, is this the backapck you really want? No, it's the one you need. Large, light, reasonable quality. No more, no less. Would such a pack make your inner child truly happy, though? What prevents you from making your old dream come true?


What did you want to be when you grew up?


A sniper


Each boy who had seen the film The Jackal or had read Frederick Forsythe's book, wanted to become a sniper. For the good and for the bad, he wanted to be a professional who never misses and keeps his calm no matter what. And yeah, why not? You can launch your carrier by getting a pro pack, which will help you to go smoothly through rough stuff.


A fighter pilot


We bet you dreamt of becoming a pilot solely because of the fighters. Then the Top Gun movie came out and you fell in love with those bomber jackets and US Air Force style sunshades. Then you saw Lonardo DiCaprio striding through the aiport hallway sided by comely stewardesses and just like that you started yearning.. ah, nevermind. Anyway, now you're here and it's high time for some appreciation of pilot packs.

A soldier


Sometimes a bad experience, when you weren't able to protect your mates against the bad guys, or some memory of this kind, makes you want to become tougher and stronger. So you work out, hunt, camp outdoors, play airsoft, and do everything that can help you become a respected and hard professional. There's one last thing missing - a combat-proven army pack.

A marine


If you hadn't seen it yet, you should definitely watch the movie Jarhead by the Academy award winning director Sam Mendes. In the movie, you'll find professional arms and backpacks in action. Don't you say you wouldn't want one! It won't take you to the Gulf War, but there's nothing stopping you from enjoying your excellent gear in the meadows and groves of Bohemia.

An astronaut

It's not like we sell backpacks for astronauts, but we definitely have something of interest for all space cowboys. Backpacks so light they feel like you're in zero-g. Get one, as you never know what's ahead of you in the vast outer space, or when you'll have to count only on yurself. Well, Sandra Bullock sure has her stories...

Professional athlete


Maybe as a child you yearned for victory, tropheys, world champion titles or even the Olympic gold. No wonder. Speed, strenght, adrenaline, discipline, world records, glory, wealth and beautiful women, who would not want all of this? So, if you're an athlete in your heart and mind, you should get a backpack just like this. Compatible hydration pack, light for one or two-day operations and with a number of compartments.


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